January 28, 2024

January 2024 Moot REPLAY

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The Lamp Burner’s Guild gathers artists, storytellers, musicians & creatives to inspire hope🙏🏼 & awaken wonder✨ as we await Christ’s return. 🏰 Monthly Moots in Memphis, TN

Tonight’s Showcase Featured :

Tonight’s Presenter:

Titania Paige is the founder of the Lamp Burners’ Guild–a backyard faith and arts community gathering artists, storytellers, musicians, and creatives to inspire hope and awaken wonder as we await Christ’s return. To bring God’s beauty to her hometown of Memphis, TN, she and her family open their home monthly for a potluck, art showcase, and training from local artists. A designer by day and a Bible teacher and songwriter by night, she’s just doing her best and trusting God with the results.

Click here to view the slides from the presentation.

Thank you to Cindy McMillion for the stunning photos of the moot!